Mango Learning

Math is fun!
Mango learning Mathematics modules are series of interactive, immersive modules that address K-12 mathematical concepts, principles and operations. The modules lead children from mastery in basic mathematical operations to mastery in the more complex mathematics of algebra and geometry through revolutionary games based instruction design.

By engaging children in an interactive and challenging gaming experience, the children are attracted to & challenged in learning mathematical concepts.

The Mango Learning experience of interactivity and gaming by its nature requires continual mastery of skills to progress from one level to another. Each interactive module has multiple levels that take a child from basic concepts to more complex ones with a constant measure towards proficiency. Each level requires previous mastery and the next level would take a student one step ahead to a higher level of learning.

The design and difficulty of items continually challenges students to proficiency but also takes them to higher levels of cognition. The game-based instruction design focuses on building mastery of concepts and speed, making mathematics fun to learn.
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