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Remember when our best bet for learning was the rigid confinement of the formal school-day and classroom, plus repetitive devotion to a static, case-bound textbook? We now fully understand that today, learning is not just in the classroom – but everywhere; not just during formal hours – but all the time; and not with just the textbook – but the near-limitless capabilities of mobile technologies.

Welcome then to Mango Learning your source for
game-based, mobile learning.

Mango Learning is a new developer for mobile education. We produce instructional materials specifically designed for mobile “smart” devices. We tap contemporary fascination with mobile gaming – and direct it to sharpen skills, develop concepts – and produce critical content mastery.

Our goal is to create immersive games that provide self-paced personalized educational curriculum to each student. 

Our games act as critical supplements of the K-12 academic program and follow Common Core standards. Engaging, Interactive and Fun, our games help children master the basic concepts of math, teaching them to apply such concepts to complex real life scenarios through our revolutionary game-based instructional design. Plus students can access our learning games via virtually any contemporary smart device: tablets and phones!

Mango Learning understands the significance of mental mathematics, automaticity in basic number operations and a strong commitment to fundamental mathematical concepts. The curriculum ensures this type of mastery at every stage. We worked with curriculum experts to divide the K through 12 Math curriculum into 400 individual math modules.

the blueprint for each math module

And the Mango Curriculum is vertically aligned by mathematics subject –with modules focusing on topics and not simply a single grade’s curricula. Vertical slices comprised of multiple fun and engaging games teach students the basic concepts of a topic– plus, test them on its application. Significantly, this empowers all students to progress at their own pace, revisiting challenging content – or breaking new ground.

Teachers and administrators can view performance data for each student

Teachers and administrators can view performance data for each student

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