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Mango Learning’s latest offering is a fun-filled and engaging game that teaches your kids multiplication and division of Fractions. Carefully designed learning activities, state-of-art game design and an interesting Outer Space theme make this a perfect way to teach, reinforce and master concepts. Pre-test, exciting games, audio-visual tutorials and post-tests are the inter-linked activities that ensure complete understanding of multiplication and division of fractions. “Fractions : Mul & Div” follows the standards and guidelines by Common Core. This game by Mango Learning is a perfect supplement to classroom learning and a thoroughly motivating and enjoyable experience.

  • Conforms to Common Core Standards

  • Carefully designed games that motivates and engages students as they learn

  • Learn concepts through examples and audio-visual tutorials

  • Vertically constructed modules that focus on broader subject area

  • Assessment feature that helps gauge child’s performance

  • Entertaining math-based games that help master concepts
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