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Common Core Math Apps - By Mango Learning

By Keri Duncan | 23th April, 2013 | Source:

MOOCs, sensors, apps and games: The revolution in education innovation

29th March, 2013 | Source:

Decimals: Addition – Mathematics Tool for 5th to 8th Graders

18th Jan, 2013 | Source:

Decimals Addition Math App Review

17th Jan, 2013 | Source:

Government looks to build a software ecosystem for Aakash applications

7th Jan, 2013 | Source:

Mobile Learning Apps Review: Decimals Addition

2nd Jan, 2013 | Source:

Decimals: Addition iPad app mostly adds up

19th December, 2012 | Source:

Transforming learning through m-Education


Mango Learning and Datawind Announce Content Partnership

4th Dec 2012 | Source:

Mango Learning(tm) Launches Game-Based Math Education Products at CSBA, Deploys The Decimals Series, and Invites Schools to join their Pilot Program

1st Dec 2012 | Source:

Mediocrity versus Mastery: The Case for Game-Based Learning

29th Oct' 2012 | Source: | By, Poonam Sharma

US Lags in Race for Tech Talent

Source: | By, Vivek Wadhwa

With TechCrunch’s CrunchGov, Silicon Valley sharpens focus on Washington

Source: | By, Vivek Wadhwa

Educational games company Mango Learning launches Kickstarter campaign

20th Oct' 2012 | Source:

Mango Learning Launches Kickstarter™ Funding Campaign for Immersive, Mobile, Game-Based K-12 Math Apps

19th Oct' 2012 | Source:


19th Oct' 2012 | Source:


19th Oct' 2012 | Source:

Datawind Debuts Ubislate 7+ and 7C Tablets; Content Partnerships

27th Apr' 2012 | Source:

Reverie Will Come To You With DataWind’s UbiSlate 7C, Commercial Version of Aakash 2 Tablet

27th Apr' 2012 | Source:

Ubislate 7+ & 7C tablets launched on 26th April - Suneet Singh Tuli interacts with media

27th Apr' 2012 | Source:

DataWind launches low-cost tablets with pre-loaded Express app

27th Apr' 2012 | Source:

DataWind Launches UbiSlate 7+ and 7C Tablets

27th Apr' 2012 | Source:

DataWind unveils UbiSlate 7C, commercial version of Aakash 2 tablet

27th Apr' 2012 | Source:

World’s cheapest Tablet computer launched commercially

27th Apr' 2012 | Source:

Educational apps help make learning fun

21st Nov' 2011 | Source:

Harvard Professor Chris Dede Encourages Teachers to Embrace Mobile Learning Devices to Engage More Students

16th Nov' 2011 | Source:

Jefferson Students Get Mini-Laptops, Mobile Devices to Increase Potential

14th Nov' 2011 | Source:

Future Of Education Is Mobile, Social, and in the Cloud: Lessons from EduCause

14th Nov' 2011 | Source:

E-learning can save the public sector huge sums - and can even be offered through mobile gaming consoles, according to the findings of a pioneering Scottish local government project.

14th Nov' 2011 | Source:

Investing in e-learning, future

14th Nov' 2011 | Source:

Gates to help schools adopt common core standards

14th Nov' 2011 | Source:

White House school-technology effort aims to boost learning“$

14th Nov' 2011 | Source:

Game-Based Learning: How to Delight and Instruct in the 21st Century

14th Nov' 2011 | Source:
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