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Ideal for preschoolers and toddlers, ‘Fun with Numbers’ is an interactive and engaging introduction to numbers. Five nugget-sized educational yet entertaining modules, teach kids to read and write numbers. Simple and progressive activities teach children to associate numbers with quantity of objects. A colorful graphical interface, lively voiceovers and interactive interface keep the child engaged. Creatively designed games teach your kids to count and also test their memory and retention skills.

  • Arrange bars according to their length

  • Learn counting from 1 to 10 by associating number of objects with the respective digit

  • Learn to write numbers

  • Arrange numbers in right sequence

  • Learn to associate quantity of objects with a number

Let the initial introduction of numbers to your child be fun and motivating. ‘Fun with Numbers’ is an attempt to help your child understand numbers in the most entertaining and intuitive manner.
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