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Intelligent Adaptive assessment
Mango learning’s intelligent adaptive assessment focuses on measuring depth of understanding, ability to apply skills and intellectual progress of students.

The intelligent adaptive system adapts to learners’ level by dynamically generating tests corresponding to the level of learner’s preparedness. The proprietary algorithm identifies learning need and highlights weak areas, personalizing learning for every student.

The customized tests enable students to test themselves on concepts and topics they have just studied. Students are encouraged to collaborate and learn with their peers through built-in social features.

The statistically rich analysis section provides detailed analysis on the performance of students. It helps students and teachers identify the gap in learning and assess their progress in the course.

The rank predictor model compares student’s performance against 20 years of historical data and predicts rank for the students.

IIT Assessment Module

The Smoothest Way to Crack IIT JEE

Mango learning has developed IIT JEE Assessment module in partnership with Resonance Eduventures, the leading IIT JEE TEST Prep Company in the country. more

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Assessment moduleS

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